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-the gate to Brittany-


Welcome at Bretagneportal.com !

At the moment our webpages are still under construction, but behind the
scenes we are already eagerly working at them.

Very soon you will find here our first offers about the theme of Brittany, wich we will
extend and develop continuously.

As regards the contents we can already announce the following:

All things worth knowing about Brittany, such as data, facts, history, travel information, book and music tips, recipes, photos, forum, chat and many additional things.

In advance we offer you our forum and our chat, in which you can ask questions about Brittany or you may simply exchange your views of the theme with others.

Hint: The following pages of Bretagneportal will be written in German for the time being. Everybody who is interested in taking part in Bretagneportal - also for a longer time - as translator (for Breton, French or English) is cordially welcome to our circle! ...Any interest?

The Team of Bretagne Portal.

© 2002 bretagneportal.com


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